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Leaking Vaporiser:

So you've finally got your new vape, you go to fill it up and now it's leaking e-liquid! The first step, don't panic! Due to the nature of these products a small amount of leaking is normal and nothing to be concerned about. If the liquid is pouring out then something isn't set up right. 9.9 times out of 10 it comes down to the coil that is in your vape.


  • Check the coil

    Pour any excess juice back into your e-liquid bottle, or keep your vape tank in a position that won't allow excess juice to pour out. Now carefully unscrew the coil. We recommend a paper towel to wipe up any excess juice as this can be a messy job! Now dry all the juice from the coil and the vape tank. Once it's all clean, screw the coil back in finger tight (not too tight!) and replace the tank then fill it up. Resetting the coil usually fixes any leaks.
  • Replace the coil

    If your vape is still leaking it's time to replace the coil. It is likely that there is a spare coil in your vape kit. Grab a spare coil from the original kit or from a spare pack of coils. Make sure everything is dry again as above and try the new coil. We have to remember that these coils are mass produced so there can be some defects that can lead to a coil leaking. A fresh coil will solve this issue and you'll be back vaping in no time!
  • Other issues

    Thin e-liquid can mean a vape leaks - we recommend using higher VG e-juice like the VAPO line of liquids.
  • Seals may have worn and need replacing.

    Tank may be cracked - you will need to buy a new tank or replacement glass.
  • Keep your vape pen vertical!

    Lying a vaporiser on its side makes it prone to leaking.


Battery Light Flashing - No Atomiser/Check Atomiser/Ohms Too Low error:

This issue is quite common in all vapes. Generally it is due to a short circuit in the coil or a broken coil. The easiest way to fix this is just to replace the coil!


Vape is not charging:

We highly recommend using an external charger for charging all mods that have external batteries. You can grab a NiteCore i2 here for super cheap. This is the easiest solution to a mod that isn't charging. The Micro USB ports can get damaged through rough use and these aren't cheap to repair.

If your mod with an internal battery isn't recharging first check that you are using an appropriate charger. Pen devices should only be charged at 0.5A. Your instruction manual will have more information on this.
You can find the correct charger here.

If you are using the right charger and it's still not working try to hard reset it by following the instructions in your manual. If this doesn't help you may need to contact us for technical assistance.



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