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The VAPO Opal has been replaced by the new and very much improved VAPO Haiz kit! The VAPO Haiz has a much better battery, larger tank and better flavours as well as an improved draw. We highly recommend the VAPO HAIZ!

For our latest pod system check out the VAPO HAIZ!

The VAPO Opal is our most simple, easy to use starter kit yet! All new to Australia, the VAPO Opal is a closed system pod device. This means the pods are pre-filled with e-liquid. The way you use the device is by simply inserting the pre-filled pod into the battery. There are no buttons, the device is simply activated by breathing in! It's never been easier to start vaping! The VAPO Opal utilises nicotine salt technology (in 25mg and 50mg strengths). This allows for higher nicotine levels but not an overpowering throat hit. This results in a satisfying mouth-to-lung vape for even the most experienced direct lung vapers. This makes for the most perfectly portable stealth vape!

This device is tiny! Measuring just 10cm long, 1.5cm wide.

Each OPAL Pod is the equivalent puffs of 2 packs of cigarettes making this kit worth approx. $60 worth of cigarettes. So, for less than the price of a single pack of cigarettes - whats stopping you giving vaping a go to make the switch!

Similar to the JUUL pod system.

Replacement Pods found here!


Recommended OPAL Nicotine Strength:


1-6 Cigarettes per day - 12mg

6-20 Cigarettes per day - 25mg

20+ Cigarettes per day - 50mg

Direct Lung Vapers (more info)

1.5mg - 12mg

3mg - 25mg

6+mg - 50mg

The VAPO Opal - Simplicity Redefined™

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Good for smokers making the switch

Compact size tight air flow and no messy refilling just chrage it up if pod empty click new one in and go fits between fingers like a ciggerette with out risk burnig your finger the premium tobaco flavour perfictly immatates the taste of a red taylormade / red roll your own ciggerette

VAPO Opal Pod

Works really well, had a couple instances when the e-liquid was leaking from the pod but apart from that it all works well.



Great Vape for beginners.

Great Vape, perfect do beginners, great price, would 0 recommend!

Excellent product but questionable quality

A simply vital accessory if you're looking to quit smoking. Discrete and simple to use it has helped me get to day 13 so far. Though very happy with it's performance as a vape and quit smoking aid, I have had to purchase two OPAL's. The first wouldn't charge and then fell to bits when the USB cable got jammed into the vape. The second charges fine however the pods don't click into the vape so require sellotape to keep attached. $25 is great value for money. $50 not so much and I will not be buying a third. Despite this, if you are lucky enough to get an OPAL that actually functions as VAPO intends it to, you'll not be disappointed.