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Vapo Battery RM3.0

We are proud to release our very own VAPO branded batteries. These are the same specifications Samsung 30Q batteries. VAPO RM3.0 batteries include positive and negative indication to avoid confusion and have battery safety information on the side so you can always use your batteries safely! The VAPO RM series are designed for Regulated Mods and the 3.0 correlates to the capacity, this battery is 3000mah - a high capacity battery. These batteries are rated at 15A so are not suitable for use in mechanical mods - we recommend the VTC4 for mechanical mods (mods that do not allow the user to adjust the watts).


  • This battery is NOT designed for use in mechanical mods
  • Always store batteries in a battery case
  • Never expose batteries to heat
  • Do not use if plastic wrap has any signs of damage
  • We recommend always using an external charger. 
  • Only ever use in conjunction with identical, similarly aged, VAPO RM3.0 batteries.

Battery safety is important. For more information, please read up on our battery safety guide here

For use in regulated mods only.

Product Specifications:

Capacity: 3000mah

Amps: 15A

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
High Capacity Battery

Great long lasting power


good batt, witch charger

RM 3.0 Battery

The batteries themselves are excellent and charge up quite well with Nitecore I2 charger all I need is to buy more batteries because at the moment I have only 2 and I am using one of my other batteries for the 3rd battery so once I have more of the RM 3.0 I won't need to recharge as often.