Kendo Vape Cotton

Get your Kendo Vape Cotton today! The Kendo Vape Cotton is well known for its great heat resistance so you will be able to switch e-juice more easily and efficiently.

The Original Kendo Cotton- Comes with 5 grams of cotton. The Original Kendo Cotton is 100% unbleached, unprocessed Japanese organic cotton which will leave you with no cotton taste.  

The Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition - The Gold Edition is a metre long of cotton strands that is so easy to pull apart making your rebuilding quicker and easier. This cotton has low flavour retention meaning you won't have to replace the old cotton with the new so you can change flavours easily! Longer lasting!

The Kendo Vape Cotton Eco Pack -  The Eco Pack comes with 2 grams of cotton. The Kendo Vape Cotton Eco Pack is economical and affordable, sharing the same qualities as the Original Kendo Cotton. 

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