Blue Tobacco

Blue tobacco is a stronger tobacco tasting e-liquid. The taste of blue has been compared to port royal cigarettes. If you are looking for the more popular caramel vanilla tobacco we recommend VAPO Gold. We also have high PG (50:50) e-liquid specifically designed for mouth to lung pen vapes like the VAPO Alpha. For this we recommend Premium Tobacco, if you are used to light cigarettes try Light Tobacco or the ALPHA caramel/vanilla flavour Caramel Tobacco.

70% VG, 30% PG.

VAPO E-Liquid is formulated to the highest standards by Myriad Laboratories in an ISO7 clean room in New Zealand. Our e-liquid is independently tested to ensure no traces of diacetyl or acetyl propionyl are detected in any of our flavours. This is above and beyond international standards for e-liquid manufacturing.

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