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What is happening?

From October 1, 2021 any imports of nicotine e-liquid and/or nicotine pods will require a prescription from an Australian doctor.

Will this effect me?

If you currently import nicotine e-liquid and/or nicotine pods into Australia then you will need a prescription from an Australia-registered doctor.

How do I get a prescription for nicotine? 

1. Contact your doctor and ask them for a prescription for vaping nicotine e-liquid/pods. Your doctor will want to make sure you have tried other forms of quitting such as patches and gum first. You may encounter some barriers to obtaining your prescription, these will likely be the most common:

  • Knowledge: Many doctors may not be informed about vaping and may refuse to write you a prescription. There is a great doctor-lead resource from ATHRA that you can point your GP to for information about nicotine vaping -
  • Quality Product: Your doctor will want to ensure that the products you are using are of the very best quality. VAPO is one of the few companies in Australasia that rigorously test our VAPO branded e-liquid, pods and alt. branded pods. We have safety data, emissions results and information on our ingredients available right here. We also provide open access to our Chief Scientist for any specific enquiries.

2. QuitClincs offers a quick and easy service for Australian's that rely on nicotine vaping products for smoking cessation to obtain a prescription. Head to their website

An Australian doctor will review your forms and get in touch with you within one business day. All of QuitClinics doctors are passionate about helping smokers quit and are TGA Authorised Prescribers of nicotine/vaping products.

You'll receive an electronic prescription within 24 hours. A copy of this prescription can be sent to us so you can continue to purchase the products you rely on for smoking cessation.


Can I purchase products domestically?  

This recent legislative change has opened a potentially streamlined path to accessing vaping products domestically in Australia. At this time we see the following options being made available:


  1. Purchasing from an online Australian pharmacy
  2. Purchasing from a bricks and mortar chemist


We are in the process of getting more information on how these channels will work and will provide details on how feasible this will be to obtain nicotine products through in future.