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The Only Recyclable Pods

In a world-first for nicotine vaping pod systems, VAPO has collaborated with the global recycling giant Terracycle to develop a recycling programme specifically for VAPO and alt. branded products, including bottles, devices and pods.

Cigarette butts are the single greatest source of ocean trash

Every year 5.7 trillion cigarettes are smoked worldwide. Cigarettes make their way to our waterways and into our seas. Cigarette butts are the number 1 man-made contaminant in our oceans.

We design our products as a harm reduction tool to limit the damage smoking does to people. We designed our recycling programme as a harm reduction system to limit the damage we inflict on our planet.

How it works:


Option 1. Mail in for free

Our recycling partners Terracycle have developed an online portal that creates prepaid tickets so you can mail in your used pods from any location for free!

More details of this programme can be found here.

Option 2. Reach out to us!

If you are having trouble working out the online system please contact customer service on We can help you with the best solution for you to recycle your VAPO or alt pods.