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NiteCore i4 Charger

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Does not include batteries.

The 4-bay i4 Intellicharger Battery Charger Base from Nitecore provides an all-in-one charging solution for many commonly-used cylindrical rechargeable batteries. It is compatible with Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, and Ni-MH battery chemistries and battery sizes from AAA to 26650. The base automatically detects the needs of each battery inserted and determines the correct charge for it. Additionally, it will set the charging mode from constant voltage, constant current, or trickle-charge. Each bay has independent charging circuitry, so different chemistries, capacities and sizes can be simultaneously charged. Power and charging status LEDs clearly show the progress of each battery.



  • AC 100~240V 50/60Hz 0.25A(max) 10W
  • DC 9~12V 1A

Output voltage:

  • Battery: 4.2V–1%/ 1.48V–1%
  • USB: 5V�5%

Output current:

  • 4.35V�1%/4.2V�1%/ 3.7V�1%/1.48V�1%
  • 1500mA x 1 / 750mA x 2 / 500mA x 2 / 375mA x 4

Compatible with:

  • Li-ion/IMR: 10340, 10350, 10440, 10500, 12340, 12500, 12650, 13450, 13500, 13650, 14350, 14430, 14500, 14650, 16500, 16340(RCR123), 16650, 17350, 17500, 17650, 17670, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 22500, 22650, 25500, 26500, 26650 Flat-topped Batteries: 18700, 20700, 21700
  • Ni-MH(Ni-Cd): AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D


  • 140mmx94.8mmx37mm


  • 202g - without batteries and power cord)


  • Active Current Distribution (ACD)Technology
  • Twice the charging speed of the i4 charger
  • Capable of charging four batteries simultaneously
  • Charging program optimized for IMR batteries
  • Features three charging modes (constant current, constant voltage, -dV/dt)
  • Automatically detects power levels of batteries and selects the appropriate voltage and charging mode
  • Automatically stops charging upon charging completion
  • Over-charging timeout prevention
  • Reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection
  • Designed for optimal heat dissipation
  • Made from durable PC material (fire retardant/ flame resistant)
  • Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC, CEC

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