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Replacement Parts

There are two running costs that vapers must account for. One is vape juice and the other is the vape coil. While you need to fill up on juice as you use it up, your coil will need replacement once it wears down.

When should you replace your vape coils?

How long have you been using your vaping device? After continuously using your clearomiser or atomiser device, you may have to consider changing your vape coil. A new coil may last anywhere from one to two weeks.
Notice a change in the taste and amount of vapour? If there is a burnt taste and the flavour feels foul, the coil may be starting to burn out. When the wicking material has burnt out after prolonged use, the foul flavour becomes apparent. It is best to replace your vape coils at the first instance of this sub-optimal experience.
Further to the point above, it is important to prime your replacement coils prior to use to prevent the wicking material from burning.

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