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Nicotine E-Liquid

If you’re running low on e-liquid, you’ll appreciate the many choices in vape juice at our store. We offer you quality e-liquids in a number of flavours. You will have no problem finding one that suits your palate and preferences.

Vape e liquid is an essential part of an e-cigarette; without it, the e-cig is useless. For this reason, beginner vapers are careful and deliberate in their choice of vape liquid. The very first consideration is flavour, and other factors include nicotine strength, Propylene Glycol (PG) versus Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and vapour production.


If you’re yet to become a full-fledged vaper, you will be happy to know that e-liquids come in an exciting array of flavours, from peaches and cream, watermelon and mint to classic cigar tobacco, chocolate, tutti Frutti – and these are just some available at VAPO Australia.

Note that stronger flavours of e-liquids may linger on, a reason why it is recommended that you clean your e-cigarette thoroughly and often to avoid your next vape liquid from being contaminated.

    Nicotine Level

    As far as nicotine levels are concerned, you have a choice of various strengths. If you want to cut out nicotine immediately, 0% nicotine e-liquids are formulated especially for you. Light smokers can easily manage with a low level (6mg or below). Those who smoke a pack or less usually prefer medium levels (9mg-16mg), while heavy smokers go for high nicotine levels (18mg-36mg).

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