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All About Mechanical Vape Mods

August 08, 2019

Ahhh the relics of the past, the mechanical vape, plenty of seasoned Australian vapers will remember when this style of vape was first developed in the depths of peoples homes and garages. Back then pioneer vapers who were searching for the biggest clouds had to get creative to build their Mech mods. To make one back then required knowledge and alot of patience! To build a pioneer vape mod meant scavenging parts off other household items to obtain things like high powered 18650 batteries from flashlights, the flashlight housing as the “vape” housing and replacing the bulb with an atomizer. After a bit of fiddling hey presto! you have yourself a first-generation mech mod! 


The first vapes were extremely primitive and volatile when compared to today's standards, but between mechanical devices then and mechanical devices now the internal mechanisms still function the same - No circuit board or advanced safety features, just a direct connection from the battery to the atomizer via a 510 connector, sounds dangerous right?! Having such a massive draw of power leads to a whole world of hurt if you get it wrong. Read on to learn all about mech mod safety.


We have all heard the mechanical mod horror stories which have resulted in some pretty horrendous and significant injuries, these accidents almost always are the result of poor battery maintenance, lack of knowledge and overall lack of care for the device, therefore, it is highly recommended that you spend lots of time researching before attempting one of these builds. Here at VAPO Australia, we cannot stress the importance of knowledge!


The biggest issue with the mechanical mods is the steep learning curve and several hazards they can pose if you make even the tiniest mistake. This is why mechanical mods are recommended for use by only those who possess considerable knowledge and working experience of vape mods and also have an understanding of electronics, Ohm’s Law, amperage calculations, battery c-ratings and safety. Fiddling with mechanical mods without the experience and knowledge can lead to accidents which can cause severe injuries as well as lead to potential property damage. This is the biggest concern for anyone who wants to use a mechanical mod. 


Look after your batteries! It's super important. All lithium batteries must be treated with care. Store them when not in use in a certified battery case, do not use damaged batteries or batteries that do not have a wrap. Vape batteries, like any battery, will only have problems if they are not treated correctly. This is why it is important to purchase from a trusted retailer, like us who sells authentic batteries.


If you are wanting to get into building a serious vape mech mod, but lack experience then it is advised that you first learn the basics mentioned above and always speak to someone who has experience in these devices, speaking to a vaping Jedi is a good start, we also advise that you join a vape enthusiast page online for further learning and mentoring!