E-Cigarettes could help women quit smoking.

A recent New Zealand study has shown that electronic cigarettes with nicotine could be a useful tool in helping women, in particular, quit or reduce tobacco smoking.

The research gave 357 New Zealand, who had no intention to quit, a sample of a nicotine electronic cigarette during interviews in November and December 2012.


The results showed that participants rated the nicotine e-digs to be 83.3 per cent as satisfying as their favourite brand of tobacco cigarettes. An astounding 91% of female participants rated nicotine e-cigs as satisfying as tobacco cigarettes.


37.9 per cent said their use of nicotine electronic cigarettes had lead them to reduce smoking while 7 per cent successfully quit.


Other studies have shown that patches or gum are less effective in helping women reduce tobacco smoking than men. This is study is very promising for women who are looking to quit smoking.


There is very strong evidence that e-cigs are less harmful than tobacco and researchers feel smokers should be able to purchase nicotine e-cigs in this country if they want to quit smoking.


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