1. A New Shopping Experience at VAPO Australia

    We are happy to announce that our website is ready to comply with the new Australian Vaping Law! As you may know, from the 1st of October, ALL imports of nicotine vaping products to Australia require a prescription. Our team has been working hard to integrate the required prescription into our online order system so that you can order as easily as possible. 
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  2. Post Covid Lockdown - Quit Smoking checklist

    During stressful times, it's easy to revert back to, or intensify bad habits. We’ll naturally revert to a quick ciggy, to ‘calm the nerves’ - as humans we use different coping mechanisms to gain some control over our mental or physical wellbeing, especially when we’re feeling out of control - global pandemic, or not!
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  3. What are the different style of vapes, and what do they mean?

    In the vaping universe, you will come across a range of new jargon, vaping styles, devices and flavours. With so much to take on board, it's super easy to get confused when beginning. Choosing the right vape from the get go will make the switch from cigarettes a much easier process if you know the basics. Read on as we discuss the different styles of vapes and their applications.
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  4. Vaping to Quit Smoking

    You may have heard it all before and are probably no stranger to the fact that smoking is not good for you, you may even be on the road to quitting now, if that's you, then don't give up! The team at VAPO understands the pain that many smokers go through when they decide to quit - it's tough. That's why we have written guides on the best alternative to smoking - vaping. Read on as we discuss vaping vs. the traditional quit smoking methods!   The issue with patches and gums The problem with nicotine patches & gums is that they don't give you the same draw, feel and taste like a cigarette and for the most part, are difficult to use. Some of the mentioned quit smoking tools even required a visit to the doctor to get access to them! Luckily, there are now more and more options available to us that are designed for ease of use and even emulate the function of a cigarette & taste, without all the added nasties. One method that has been proven
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  5. All About RDA’s and RTA’s

    You may have read our blog on Mechanical Mods and are wondering - what is an atomizer? An atomizer is a rebuildable component that houses the coil, wick and liquid on regulated and mechanical mods. These atomizers come in two variants - RDA’s (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer’s) and RTA’s (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers). Read on as we explain the differences and the applications. So, what are the benefits of using an RTA or RDA?  The benefits are that you have full control and customisation. You can build your own coils to your desired resistance and chug out some insane clouds, and building your own RDA or RTA also means you can vape on the cheap!  Rebuildable Drip Atomizers Th
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  6. Christchurch Store Manager Wanted!

    We have a fantastic opportunity for a someone to move into the Retail Store Manager role at our all new Christchurch Store!The Retail Store Manager will ensure a smooth running of all store daily operations and customer orders all the way through to sale completion and after-sales experience. Your natural leadership and your ability to motivate, develop and empower VAPO’s Retail Sales team members to think independently and commercially whilst ensuring they are strategically in line with VAPO’s company vision and policies, will drive your success in achieving sales targets and drive the business forward on our long-term growth plans and will be key to our success. This is an excellent opportunity to join a fast-growing, well-respected company in an extremely innovative industry! We are always looking for enthusiastic, committed individuals who have the opportunity to grow their role within the company.
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  7. All About The VAPO Flow

    The VAPO Flow is our flagship sub-ohm device, a collaboration with Vaporesso. We wanted to make the best stick style, direct to lung vape on the market. The easy to use one-button design makes this a great vape for beginners and advanced vapers alike looking for big clouds and great flavour. It is a compact, stick style, direct to lung starter kit that consists of three basic components; the main body, with it's built-in 3000mah battery and Micro USB charging point, the disposable coil and the 5ml top-fill tank. What is direct to lung vaping? Direct to lung vaping is a style of vaping that produces large clouds of vapour. This is on account of two things, the coil being low resistance and the device providing enough airflow to allow direct to lung inhalation. There are many advantages to using a sub-ohm device. Great flavour: Sub-ohm devices use coils that are capable of vaporising a lot of E-Liquid with each puff. More airflow: More airflow is required
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  8. Vitamin E: what it is and why it isn’t used in nicotine vaping products.

    There has been a lot of information coming out of the United States regarding lung diseases associated with vaping. The important fact in these stories is that not one case has been attributed to controlled nicotine vaping products.   Vitamin E has been identified as the likely cause of this outbreak of lung disease in the United States. Vitamin E is used as an additive in THC and CBD products to thicken these very thin and oily substances. This makes THC/CBD products easier to use in creams and tinctures. Some irresponsible and illegal manufacturers have been using this additive in THC/CBD vaping cartridges seemingly unaware of the detrimental health effects it can cause through vaping.   **Why Vitamin E should not be vaped.**   Vitamin E, although completely safe to consume through the digestive system, is extremely toxic to inhale. Vitamin
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