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  1. A New Shopping Experience at VAPO Australia

    We are happy to announce that our website is ready to comply with the new Australian Vaping Law! As you may know, from the 1st of October, ALL imports of nicotine vaping products to Australia require a prescription. Our team has been working hard to integrate the required prescription into our online order system so that you can order as easily as possible. 
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  2. Post Covid Lockdown - Quit Smoking checklist

    During stressful times, it's easy to revert back to, or intensify bad habits. We’ll naturally revert to a quick ciggy, to ‘calm the nerves’ - as humans we use different coping mechanisms to gain some control over our mental or physical wellbeing, especially when we’re feeling out of control - global pandemic, or not!
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  3. What are the different style of vapes, and what do they mean?

    In the vaping universe, you will come across a range of new jargon, vaping styles, devices and flavours. With so much to take on board, it's super easy to get confused when beginning. Choosing the right vape from the get go will make the switch from cigarettes a much easier process if you know the basics. Read on as we discuss the different styles of vapes and their applications.
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  4. All About The HAIZ

    E-cigarettes come in a wide range of sizes and styles, from slim and stealth pod systems to bigger and longer pen style vapes. As the name suggests e-cigarettes are made to imitate the look, feel and draw of a traditional cigarette without the added nasties.
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  5. How Our Alpha Vape Pen Works

    Looking for a discreet, yet powerful starter vape kit? Keep reading to find out more about the anatomy of our very own vape pen, the VAPO alpha! We will go through in detail on what tech is behind the Alpha vape pen, how to set up the Alpha, and what extra components to purchase before use.
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New prescription laws come into effect from October 1st.

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